Can you imagine yourself actually looking forward to going to confession?












It can happen!   When you are properly prepared for this sacrament not only will you find joy in going to confession you will see definite, concrete results when you do go. Your relationships with others will improve dramatically. The most exciting thing that will happen is that God will become your closest friend, your strongest defender and your greatest support.

Our Confession Workbook will help you
to look at your life in ways that will truly turbo charge your spiritual walk with God. Simply by answering a series of questions you will find yourself looking at your life and your experiences with new vision and new enthusiasm. The questions are not difficult but you will need to put your thinking cap on! You won't be digging around in the root cellar of your past but you will need to keep your eyes open and your heart on tap to examine "What's Happening? in your life today.












The sacrament of reconciliation is a powerful sacrament. One that for many of us we do not understand or taken full advantage of. It's truly part of the hidden treasure in the field that the gospel talks about when we discover Jesus Christ in our life.


This workbook is for adults.

It's a solid, honest guide to bring your faith and walk with God into a maturity that will help you to face your problems, obstacles and difficulties with greater understanding and acceptance. It will show you what doors you need to open and move through to find greater peace, joy and energy in your day to day life, your relationship with others and your walk with God.







In our workbook there are four different examination of conscience pages covering these four areas.











3. My relationship with family and friends
2. My relationship with self



Each week, month or whatever time frame you choose to prayerfully work with - you will answer a simple four page section of questions. When they are completed you will have a carefully examined look at what needs to be confessed and what needs to be worked on. That's your preparation work. The time of grace comes when you bundle up your courage and find a priest and go to confession. If you haven't been to confession for a long time you may find yourself still nervous but when you are properly prepared it will become easier and soon you will not want to miss a regularly scheduled visit with your confessor!