"I forgive him automatically for what he has done."


"You forgive him?"


"Something must have been going wrong in his life

to cause all this. I can't really understand why, but if I could, then I am sure I could forgive him."

Derek O'Dell - shooting victim at Virginia Tech

from the program - Anderson Cooper 360 as reported by Don King



When death comes to someone we love - we experience many emotions. Sorrow, regret, disbelief, shock and even anger.


We desperately want to turn back the clock and do all the things we wanted to do for our loved one, say the things we wanted to say, share the fullness of our love for them.


A comforting thought that we can remind ourselves in these hard times is that our loved one is in God's hands. His or her life has not ended, only changed.

Jesus tells us, "I came that you might have life and have it to the full." If our loved one had all of a sudden been given a million dollars, a dream home and found a great crowd of people who loved and were excited to be with him - would we be upset about that? Even if it meant that our loved one was going to leave to a far off country where we would not see him/her for a long, long time.... knowing that this new home is full of love, beauty and happiness far beyond what we can imagine - this will bring us comfort in our grief at not being with them for a time.

I would like to share with you a beautiful interview I did with Father Jim Van Vurst, OFM on "Death and Eternity." This was done a week before the Virginia Tech tragedy - perhaps God was preparing us even then for this terrible sorrow.

Death and Eternity - 30 minutes - may take a little time to open.

If you are experiencing great sorrow and regret - things left undone, unsaid, then you may find some healing comfort in my latest book. Beautiful true stories of God's healing love for us through the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Many people have a wrong idea about confession. They view it as a morbid look at all the BIG, BAD, and UGLY in their lives.... but that's exactly what confession is not about!

 Think of Confessional as your personal Spiritual Tune-Up with God! God created you to be full of joy, energy and love. If that's not where you are today....than something is blocking God's plan for you.

That something could be caused by wrong thinking, unhealthy guilt feelings or heaven forbid actual sin (acts against God's goodness) that are blocking the full channel of God's grace flowing into your life, your relationships and even your success or failure with your finances, health and well-being.

I suggest you start by visiting our About This Book pages. Here you will find information that will explain what Confession can do for you and some solid answers to questions and doubts that you might have about how valid this sacrament is for today. More Information

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Virginia Tech Tragedy


"The first step and the most important step is to forgive. I forgive that shooter."

Garret Evans - shooting victim at Virginia Tech